ABN-Oncology "Maximising Valuable Tissue Resources for Researchers"

ABN-Oncology is a national network of biobanks established to collect, process and disseminate biospecimens for research, ranging from basic laboratory projects through to clinical trials. The network leverages collection of relatively common tumour types including colorectal and breast cancer, and strategically targets specific tumour types such as mesothelioma and rare paediatric tumours that can only be collected in substantial numbers through the formation of such a network.

The ABN-Oncology is partially funded by an NHMRC Enabling Grant and in summary, the global aims of the original grant application were: to ‘create a state, national and international research resource for clinical, epidemiological and molecular research into cancer, which will be called the ‘Australasian Biospecimen Network (ABN-Oncology)'. The consortium will provide a conduit for researchers to gain access to ethically consented, high quality clinically-annotated biospecimens and data......'

The purpose of the ABN-Oncology is to provide a forum to address technical, legal/ethical, and managerial issues relevant to human biospecimen repositories within Australia and New Zealand.

In 2010 the ABN-Oncology was awarded continued funding from the NHMRC Enabling Grant scheme:

  • To supply appropriately collected and ethically consented human tissue, linked to key pathology and outcome data, to the Australian research community including multi-site research projects.
  • To facilitate the collection of biospecimens for clinical trials and to form close relationships with clinical trials groups, and bodies such as the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA).
  • To act as a peak body for biobanking within Australia including provision of advice and assistance to both researchers and biobanks on issues related to biobanking in Australia.
  • To expand the network by linking biobanks through the listing of their biospecimens on the ABN Tissue Specimen Locator and linkage through the ABN-Oncology Hub.
The range of activities of the ABN-Oncology includes:
sharing information and developing educational materials on technical issues, regulatory issues, and human subject and confidentiality issues;
developing consensus standards;
assisting government organisations in developing regulations impacting repository activities;
providing information about existing repositories and their holdings through our database;
providing information about sources of equipment and expertise;
assisting vendors in recognising repository needs and in developing applicable products;
act as a source of information and experience for new biorepositories, for example in the development of SOPs.

The Australasian Biospecimen Network Incorporated was formed on 9th July 2009 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Australasian Biospecimen Network Association is an enduring network born out of the ABN-Oncology and is open for all members of the Australian and New Zealand biobanking community. For more information go to the ABNA button on the left of the screen.

The ABN-Oncology is partially funded by an NHMRC Enabling Grant. If you would like to be added to our email list, please send an email to Tas Stylianopoulos (Tas.Stylianopoulos@petermac.org)

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